How To Get Ridiculously Huge Discounts On Travel Packages

We’re huge fans of getting crazy good deals on travel. One of the best tools out there for this is a little something called Travelzoo. If you already use Travelzoo then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, Travelzoo can save you literally tons of money when you book any kind of travel, but is particularly good in finding package deals to some pretty exotic destinations.

I’ve booked numerous different trips through them at incredible savings – I’m talking about $500 round trip tickets from LA to Europe, or $600 tickets from LA to Sydney. The best thing about it is that I never even have to check the site. I signed up for their once a week “Top 20” list. This is a list of the best deals around the world – anything from hotel discounts to airfares to cruises to vacation packages to concert tickets. You can even personalize the email to your home city so you get more relevant offers each week.

Now whats great about the newsletter – and this is where I really start saving money – is not only buying some of the packages I discover through it, but setting baselines for similar trips I come across elsewhere online. For example if I see roundtrip all-in airfare from LAX to London at $600, I know that when I see it priced elsewhere at $800, it may not actually be that great a deal. Were constantly bombarded by messaging that says we wont find cheaper airfares anywhere else, but I’ve set baselines with prices I’ve seen on Travelzoo for a lot of the most popular air routes. Now deals you see on Travelzoo are sometimes exceedingly rare, and you may have to be overly flexible to get the absolutely lowest rate, but its important to know just how cheaply some theoretically expensive travel can be had.

Another use for this powerful information is the knowledge of how low hotels and tour companies are willing to go (and how bad you’re getting ripped off the rest of the time). If you’re flexible in your travel plans, pick up the phone and call the hotel you were thinking about booking, or their competitor who wasn’t advertising at the same price point. The worst they can say to your offer is no, and the best is yes.

You can visit Traverlzoo at, or see their Top 20 weekly deals at

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    the travel packages that i have seen on the internet are sometimes oversold, they are cheap yet the inclusions sucks “,:

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