2-5-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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This week we are heading to Portland for some events with Parents and Teens and just left San Diego for a great parenting conference.

Top Articles:

I think I am really bad at…
Help Vanessa make RadicalParenting even better this year, by telling us what you want to see more of!

Book Review: Frog or Prince? By Kaycee Jane
Fun dating advice that can double as a girls night, bonding over similar frog or prince stories and dilemmas discussed in the book.

10 Weirdest Trends for Teens in 2010
Vanessa makes her predictions for the top strangest trends teens will follow this year.

Featured on Rise to the Top: How to Capture the Youth Market
Watch Vanessa’s interview on The Rise to the Top by David Siteman Garland.

Articles from Guests:

Does your daughter need dating advice—from you? [Guest Post]
Author of Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends reminds us that there is more to communicate to our daughters than just “the sex talk”.

Articles from Teens:

Meet the Teachers
Lessons learned from a math, science and english teacher prove that the most important part of a successful school is the student-teacher relationship.

A Decade in Teen Violence
One of our teen writers lays out the facts from the past decade, which can be astounding, but are important to hear. Hopefully this next decade wont be as burdened.

6 Steps to Saving a “Troubled Teen”
There can be a fine line between typical teen and troubled teen. Figure out if your teen has crossed that line and how to bring them back.

A Parent’s Guide to Combat Sibling Rivalry
A three-step guide to having your children live in perfect harmony.

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