How to Apartment Swap While Traveling

Apartment swapping is a great way to see the world for less.  Apartment swapping abroad has a number of benefits:


-You get to meet interesting people

-You have a kitchen and often washer/dryer while traveling

-You can travel for longer periods of time

-You can see what it is like to live in a country

There are also some downsides:

-You have to prepare your apartment for guests (cleaning fees, giving them drawer space etc)

-You might have some things damaged or taken (happens very very rarely)

-You might not get your first choice date/location

These are all aspects to consider when deciding if you want to do apartment swapping internationally.  If you are going to Apartment swap here is how to do it:

1. Post

You can post your place on craigslist in your city AND in the cities you want to visit.  You can also list your apartment on

2. Description

You want to make a really accurate description of your place and location.  Give distance to and from local tourist spots or places of interest.  List all of your features including what is in the kitchen, size of bed and any other perks like Cable or washer/dryer etc.

3. Talk to Them

If you find a place you like and people who like your place as well, chat with them.  See if you like their style, who they are as people and if they seem trustworthy.

4. Protect Yourself

We have a locked closet that we put anything of great value in, but we have never heard of anything being stolen.  We also have a parent or friend check on the place in the middle of our trip especially if it is a long time.  You might want to also consider signing contracts with each other that any damage done will be paid by the other party.  Some websites have these contracts for you.

5. Deposit

You might want to get a deposit on each other’s places just to make sure no one cancels last minute.

6. Leave Notes

It is great to leave notes for your swap on how to work things in the apartment (dishwashers around the world are quite different), what they can and cannot use in the kitchen, nearby restaurants etc.

Apartment swapping is a great way to see the world and if you do research correctly can be really rewarding.

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