How to Find Gorgeous Clothes for Less

I love beautiful stylish clothes, shopping and getting dressed up, but do not want to spend thousands of dollars doing it. I found a few amazing alternatives to quench my shopping thirst, have a steady stream of new clothes coming and not break the bank.

Here are a few ideas if you love shopping and looking great, but want to be cost effective:

1. Clothing Swaps

I went to my first clothing swap a few months ago and became addicted.  Get a group of females together who you know also have great taste, are similar in size (or not I got some great accessories too) and host a clothing swap.  My friends and I do this now every 6 weeks.

-Host often so you never get tired of what you got!

-Saves you space in your closet because you always get to clean out

-Ask everyone to bring their gently used hip clothes and then have everyone pick their favorite items one at a time.

2. Loaning Gowns

There is no reason that a fancy event should stress you out.  If you are in wedding season or have a job where you are attending a lot of cocktail and blacktie events where you always have to get dressed up then renting gowns is a great idea! You can do this with shoes, purses and accessories too (how much money do you spend having to get a lilac pair of shoes for that bridesmaid dress!). You can use weartodaygonetomorrow.

3. Ebay

Ebay has some amazing deals esepcially in this economy wear people need cash quick.  I got an amazing pair of shoes and a dress I wore to two weddings and then have been swapping them for the past 2 years for new shoes and gowns with that one investment!

4. Designer Outlets

I know some people think ‘outlets’ is a dirty word, but you can save a lot of money in the outlet stores and then use those dresses or accessories to swap or sell on ebay later.

There are tons of options for getting great clothes and accessories so do not let a slimmer wallet curb your love of looking great.


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