What is Professional Blogging?

I get a ton of reader questions related to my career as a blogger, here are a few:

1) What is professional blogging?

Professional blogging is getting paid to blog, this can be through sponsors, ads, free products and reader subscriptions.

2) What led you to try it? And did you have any previous experience in Internet-related enterprises?

I knew that most authors have blogs to get more readers and sell books.  When I published my book I knew I should probably start a blog and I love to write, so I was excited.  I did not have any real experience with internet related enterprises except I worked for two companies helping them with social networking and their businesses.  Of course, I used the internet for personal use all the time.

3) How did you get the word out about your blog?

I do a ton of social networking and learned from other experts out there.  Now I even have my own classes about how I got my blog traffic so high.

4) Is blogging a 9 to 5 job for you or a 6 to 9 job? Or is it something in between? Basically, I’m wondering whether it’s a hobby or it has morphed into a job?

I am a full time professional blogger, working on it for about 4 hours per day to pay my bills.  I love doing it, and would do it if I was not paid, but do make a living doing this.

5) Does it pay? If so, is it by page view, through advertising or does somebody pay you to host the site?

Yes it pays.  You can live off of it through ads, sponsors and affiliate markeitng plus book and teleseminar sales.

6) When you think of competition, what do you think of? Do you think of any specific blogs out there? Or do you think of newspapers, rss feeds, diggs, or social networking sites such as Facebook?

Other parenting blogs are competition in a way, but mostly they are my biggest help.  Social networks are not competition they help me spread the word and get new traffic.

7) When blogging, what information do you use? Is it mostly opinionated? Are your opinions based on factual information?

Opinions mostly, but I do reference a lot of news stories and reports done by various research institutes and marketing companies.

8) Do you think blogging is competition for journalism? Why or why not?

Yes.  Bloggers are personal journalists.  I think that journalists can be bloggers and vice versa, true journalists find bloggers helpful I would think because we can cover different niches.  Bloggers also need journalists to reach a different kind of media.

9)  Do you see blogging as a fad? Something that will go away? Or do you think it is already deeply entrenched in society and is here to stay?

It will go away a bit, but will always remain because as long as there are people and a medium for them to express themselves, they will use it.

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