The Meaning of February: Teen Love and Teen Friendship

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Some adults would say that as grown ups, they are able to understand how the world works a lot better. “Something that teenagers can’t do because they often live in a different reality.” To my opinion there is no point if parents can understand the world, but cannot understand teenagers. Technically we form part of the world they speak of with such theology, even if when listening to music we space out and create our own world.

It is true, we do have a different world, a world that can be created by simply dreaming but that does not mean that we are not aware of our reality. It’s impressive how sometimes we know more than our own parents, but since they are the adults we have to give them credit. Sometimes they think that we do not know what love is, or what pain feels like. When in reality we have at some point, gone through all those stages.

Some parents tend to designate a certain age for teenagers to get with someone or to fall in love, but they forget that there is no really an age for that. I now understand why they set an age for us, why they are so over protective. They simply do not want us to get hurt, to learn the hard way, like they maybe did. The irony is that this is the course of life, we are all going to get hurt and fall in love no matter what. It is everybody’s destiny, to love and to suffer, to laugh and cry, to appreciate and hate.

February to my prospective is the month where most parents come to find out that their teenagers have a secret admire or lover. The secret letters, the roses, the chocolates, the teddy bears, and the smile on our face say it all. Hey there is nothing wrong with that? If parents could only have a little more communication with us, they will know that there is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend, girlfriend or a crush. Because they will know that we have learned everything they have thought us, every single advice has being taken into account and we respect the friendship that we have created with them, therefore we would not do anything to harm it.

Also we need to remember that when teenagers buy or receive gifts, it does not signify that we received it or bought it for the person that we are dying for, this month also holds the idea of friendship. Some of us have strong friendships which we wish to hold for the rest of our life. If you think about it those are the buddies who cheer us up when we need to, the ones who force us to give up a smile when we are sad, the ones that make us laugh when class is boring.

Sometimes parents do not realize that they are creating a wall between them and teenagers, when they try to stop us from growing up, from maturing. From experiencing what we would experience later on, by giving us rules that they know will eventually be broken. Is better to build a friendship with teenagers because that way parents are more secure and feel more comfortable when we make decisions on our own or go out. Because they know us, they know what we are up to, and that we know how to distinguish between good and bad.

Parents live and let us live, let us experience and learn whatever way we have to. The world is waiting for us outside, it’s waiting to ruin our life or to make a success out of it. The most valuable weapon we have to fight against it, is the knowledge and advice we would like you to inculcate in us.

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