Best Virtual World Review: Wiglington and Wenks

Wiglington and Wenks is pretty awesome.  Their whole world was launched on Christmas Eve 2009 and has already gotten over 60,000 registrants from 150 countries! You know how much I love kids from around the world using the Internet to come together so I love this.

Ages: 7-14, but they even have users as old as 20 still playing!

About: I think that having kids play and learn at the same time is essential.  What makes Wiglington and Winks so special is that players go around the world interacting and playing with historical figures. Kids follow a plot where they travel around the world to locate and help a group of historical people who have come to the present era through a time warp regain their lost memories.  In other words, kids have to piece history back together–a fabulous way to learn outside the classroom.

**The virtual world features famous historical characters like Beethoven, Einstein, Edison, Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Emperor Qin, Gandhi, Darwin just to name a few. The players are given the task of looking for items related to these famous historical characters so that they can recover their memories.

**This also trains their ability to be observant – much like iSpy games.

**My favorite part is that this educational, but inventive game allows kids to see historical figures as actual people, with histories and stories so when they learn them later in class, they can relate to them instead of just seeing them as homework assignments. There is also nothing better than a child learning about Bejamin Franklin in class and having him raise his hand immediately to say, “I got to learn all about him in my game, he is so cool!”

Safety: We are all about safety on Virtual Worlds at Radical Parenting and so this was very important to us when reviewing this product.  They actually have developed a set of proprietary safety features like:

  1. No Numbers: We have developed a system that cleverly filters out telephone numbers and addresses to prevent the exchange of sensitive information.
  2. No URL Links: URL links are disallowed to prevent the dissemination of inappropriate websites.
  3. No Vulgarities: Vulgarities will be censored and repeat offenders will be temporarily banned or barred permanently from the world.
  4. No Private Messaging: We disallow private messaging within our virtual world to discourage unsupervised conversations.
  5. Reporting Feature: Players are able to report other players who are engaging in inappropriate behavior. Moderators will investigate reports and take the necessary action.
  6. Chat Logs: Parents are able to request for their children’s chat logs as far back as 90 days.
  7. Special Parents’ Admin Panel: Parents are able to monitor the playing habits of their children.

Awards: Wiglington and Wenks is more massive than any other virtual worlds for kids. It actually has over 50 different scenes and supposedly will be increasing to almost 200 over the next few months.

Wiglington and Wenks has amazing interactive artwork, immense historical coverage, original storylines and the promotion of history, geography, famous people, famous landmarks, inventions, culture, general knowledge, wildlife preservation and environmental issues.


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