10 Things to Do in Portland, Oregon for Tourists

Portland is a fabulous place to come and visit (when it is not raining!).  We have a couple of areas to recommend that might not make all of the guide books.  Here is how you can do Portland Oregon in a weekend:

10 of the Best Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

1. Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is right in the middle of downtown and a great area to ride around the trams. We loved “The Park” for amazing soup and curry chicken salad sandwich.

2. The Pearl

The Pearl is a very hip part of town that is filled with galleries.  Try to go on the first Thursday of the month when all of the galleries are open late and serve little snacks. Try the Tapas place-Oba to eat.

3. Japanese Garden

Take a hike from the Portland Zoo to the Magnolia grove and the Winter Garden and end up at the Japanese Garden.  The hike will take you about 40 minutes and you will see some great houses and forest around Portland.  The Japanese garden is worth the entrance fee and has amazing views of the city.

4. Division Street in Southeast

If you want great dessert go to Pix Dessert place in South East on Division St and walk along for wine bars, sushi places and other great restaurants.

5. Mississippi Street

Gravy is an amazing place for brunch on Mississippi street and then you can stroll along and check out the vintage shops, boutiques and cafes.

6. Alberta Street

Alberta street is a funky little area with restaurants and shops.  Check out a very Portland breakfast joint called Tin Shed—dogs allowed!

7. Hawthorne

Hawthorne can be a bit seedy, but you can find some great greasy pizza and bowls at Rice Junkies.  I love the vintage clothing shops and the perfume house.

8. 23rd and Knob Hill

23rd is a more upscale part of Portland, very close to the Pearl.  This area is also called Knob Hill, you can walk around to the houses and get some Boba tea while shopping in upscale boutiques.

9. Cart Villages

Portland is full of amazing cart villages, cheap areas you can get food out of carts.  I love Potato Champion and Whole Bowl.  One of the best Cart Villages is at Stark and 5th.

10. Northwest Farmers Market

If you have some time drive out to Northwest and see some of the big houses.  Every Sunday morning in the parking lot of Wilson High School you can go to the fresh Farmers Market. I highly recommend the Tamales.

Portland is an eclectic, fresh and beautiful city.  You can get everything done in a weekend, but be forewarned you might want to stay forever if you catch some sun!

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