The Pro’s and Con’s of Being an Entrepreneur

Should you start your own business? Be your own boss? Set-up shop in your garage? I love being an entrepreneur and encourage many business minded people in our Venture Capital fund, but it is not for everyone.  Here are some Pros and Cons:

Pro: I am wearing my PJ’s right now.

Con: When I have to go out to a meeting, it takes a lot of effort and usually a lot of driving.

Pro: You don’t have to ask anyone for permission
I can take a break when I want to, eat when I want to and never have to make excuses to leave the office when I just want to talk to my friends on a cell phone.

Con: You have to ask everyone for favors
No bosses, means no one to pay you, which means no money. Therefore, all the time I save not having to suck up to a boss, I have to spend sucking up to strangers asking them to help me make money.

Pro: No Bosses

Con: Lots of Vocal Clients

Pro: You can do things even if they are during work hours.

Con: Don’t have an excuse when friends ask for a ride to the airport/pick them up/come to their house to help them paint…

Pro: Don’t have to worry about staying late, plugging in extra hours to get a big bonus!

Con: There. Is. no. bonus.
And lately, there hasn’t been much salary either. Oh ya! See the next one for further explanation.

Pro: Freedom to plan ahead and make my own mission statement and life goals…and actually act on them.

Con: Total uncertainty about job security, money, career, media, assets etc. There is always a big risk with business, and there is not a minute that goes by that I do not wonder if I made the wrong choice not to go corporate.

My Pro’s outweighed my cons, because otherwise I would not be writing this post to you right now.

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