The Radical Parent Workbook: Child Activity Book and Family Journal

We are very excited to announce that Radical Parenting has a new book! It is a family workbook. We are always asking our readers what they need from us and one thing that kept coming up was the need for a more interactive book for families.  Parents are constantly looking for ways to bond with their teenagers and lessen age gaps between kids.

So…the Radical Parenting teens and I put together a workbook with 30 days (or weeks or months) worth of activities for families with kids of all ages!

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The Radical Family Workbook and Activity Journal is for Parents, Kids and Teens

20 of my interns wrote it with me to give parents real advice and bonding activities that will actually work!  In this series, we put together 30 sessions worth of challenges and activities to help your family re-start, re-energize and re-connect.

In each session, families will get a set of challenges, materials and action steps to do for about 30 minutes. Families can work through the Radical Family Workbook at their own pace! You could do a session every day or one every three months!

This is for families with children of all ages. Younger children can even participate in many of the activities and family bonding times.

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What’s Inside:

Each lesson has activities, journal prompts and bonding ideas for kids. Here is a sneak peak at some of the lessons:

Family Goals

We work a lot with you on making great personal goals and individual goals.

How Well Do You Know Each Other?

This section has questionnaires and games for you to test each other on how well you know your family.


Start fresh with our step by step guide for re-seting some of the areas of your home.

The Family Challenge

We are going to help you come up with the ultimate family challenge with our activity list and idea maker. This will be fun and challenging.

Time Capsule

Build a time capsule with your family as a bonding activity and to save memories.


Learn how to be grateful and remind your children being thankful for what we have been given is an essential part of growing up and bonding with each other.


Dreamlining is a way of brainstorming and thinking about what you are passionate about, what you love to do and dreaming big. You are going to help each other think of what you desire most in life and how to achieve it. Dreamlining is really the process of thinking of ideals, goals and desires.

Family Memory Project

One of the things that our teens emphasized was the importance of family history and keeping memories together.

Online Safety Session

We have a whole session on Internet Smarts and online safety for kids and teens of all ages.

BUY The Radical Workbook on AMAZON
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