2-19-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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We will be on The Doctors this upcoming Monday talking about Teen Sex! Be sure to tune in, Vanessa talks to real teen girls about issues they are dealing with.
On the Doctors TV Show: February 22, 2010: Teen Sex

Top Articles:

Understanding Generational Differences Through Slang
Short attention spans even apply to casual slang. Vanessa gives a few examples of how certain slang words have shifted over a very short amount of time.

How the iPad is Going to Change Teenagers
Five ways the iPad is going to change the next generation of teenagers, some for the better.

Articles from Guests:

8 Reasons to Support Your Child in Taking an Alternative Post-High School Route [Guest Post]

Brittany from SavvyStudent.com gives eight reasons why college is not the only post-high school option.

Articles from Teens:

BOOK REVIEW: Secrets Girls Keep by Carrie Silver-Stock
This self-esteem boosting handbook for girls covers everything from sexting to getting a job through quizzes, tips and real stories.

How to Stay Organized in College
Five things to know before moving into your dorm room that will make college life easier.

The Meaning of February: Teen Love and Teen Friendship
How parents can do a better job of understanding the gravity of a teenaged broken heart or the fun of a crush. Love and friendship are equally real during the teen years as they are in the adult years.

Advice for Teen Girls Column: Striving to be the Prettiest Skinniest Girl in School
The unhealthy way teens obsess over thinness versus real health.

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Best Virtual World Review: Wiglington and Wenks

The Best Virtual World: Wiglington & Wenks

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