iBuy iPad?

Stephanie is a writing intern for Radical Parenting. She is a high school sophomore residing in New Jersey with hopes of further developing her writing career.The iPad arrived today and SURPRISE the geeks hate it by PACMan3000.

Doesn’t it feel like companies are coming out with new electronics almost every day? Just when Blackberry comes out with the Curve, it announces its newest model, Storm, and its next newest model, Storm 2, and the next, and the next. Sooner or later you’ll be the proud owner of the Natural Disaster 5, a hundred confusing cell phone bills, and yet another box for your basement where your outdated smartphones lie. It’s the same thing with video games.  You’d think that Modern Warfare was enough violence for avid gamers – but no, they just had to announce the release of Modern Warfare 2. I couldn’t go a single day without hearing the guys in my classes chatter about it like they were females gossiping about their love lives. I knew about the entire game, controls and all – and I’d never played that thing in my life.

We know that we’ll never stop making improvements to existing technologies. It’s what any good businessperson strives for – creating a bigger, better, juicier product for consumers to gobble up. And that’s precisely what Apple’s new iPad is: a “do-it-all” electronic tablet that has some consumers pulling out their forks and knives for their juiciest meal yet. A slim, attractive box-like device, the iPad features similar applications as the iPod Touch like Safari to surf the web, iTunes, Photos, Youtube, the App Store, etc. With a screen nearly as large as 10 x 8 inches, it brilliantly displays movies and can even serve as an electronic picture frame that shows a slideshow of crisp photos of your choice. Best of all, it’s got a new feature called iBooks that allows you to buy real books and store them electronically on your iPad, available for your reading pleasure whenever you call upon it. It’s fast, clear, and somewhat-competitively priced.  So, the big question. Do we really need it?

Well, what’s the big hype? It’s virtually the same thing as the iPod Touch – it just looks a lot niftier and gives its possessors bragging rights for being an owner of the latest Apple product. As a teen, I think there are better ways that kids can spend their money (or drain their parent’s savings accounts).  Personally, I don’t trust organizing my whole life inside one, fragile electronic device. It’s distracting and possibly dangerous if you end up misplacing or breaking it, should you store important documents or passwords in it.

On the other hand, the iPad is an alluring item. What kid wouldn’t want to make homework fun by typing it up on its seductive keyboard? Or watch high definition thrillers with their friends when they’re bored at home? Or bring it to school and comment on someone’s Facebook in Biology class about how Mr. Smith’s fake hairpiece caught on fire during the lab demonstration? Isn’t that…awesome?

It’s difficult to make a judgment when you’ve little idea about what the product can actually offer you. Before making any decisions or birthday wish lists, check out the specifics of the product on the Apple website and what tech specialists are saying about it. There are quite a few “downsides” to the iPad that you may not even be aware of.

But hey – as long as my iPod Touch is functioning, I’ll be happy sticking with the old school technology. Unless this legendary iPad comes out with iDoYourHomeworkForYou App. Then maybe I’ll reconsider.

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