2-26-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

Exciting news, we have just released our Radical Workbook written by 20 of our teen interns for parents!

For families of kids with ALL ages, this workbook helps families bond through activities, journal prompts and other creative projects:

The Radical Parent Workbook: Child Activity Book and Family Journal

I am in Florida this week speaking to teens and parents, welcome to all of our new subscribers!

Also if you are in Portland: I am loving: www.kisspdx.com

The inaugural KISSpdx 2010 event held May 21-22, 2010 – Keep It Sustainable Sister! is an innovative two-day conference on successful career management providing professional women with strategies for a balanced, sustainable lifestyle through workshops focused on utilizing the best resources available from Pacific Northwest Innovators in the fields of wealth, health, happiness, and career advancement.

Top Articles:

When Kids Get Their Single Parents to Date Online

Online dating bridges the generation gap and allows kids to help out their single parents looking for love.

Articles from Guests:

Guidelines for Modesty [Guest Post]

With pop icons like Lady Gaga and Ke$a, how do we challenge this sexualized culture and teach our daughters to dress modestly?

Articles from Teens:

The Teen-Parent Highway

How a successful parent-teen relationship is a two way street.

Reading for Fun? What?!

Parents can rest assured: teens do, in fact, still read! What books are catching the attention of the Facebook generation?

Gaming: The Exhilaration and the Addiction

When it comes to video games, it’s about a healthy balance between finding enjoyment in a virtual world and also in the real world.

iBuy iPad?

With teens always being up on the latest technology, will the buy into Mac’s latest?

Dealing with Siblings: The Good and The Bad

Sibling rivalry is not all bad, as a little competition can be healthy if you don’t get carried away.

Advice From A Christian Teen

A religious teen gives tips for parents to encourage faith in their children’s lives.

This Week’s Sponsor:

WebSafety is a comprehensive cell phone and PC monitoring software target toward tweens and teens.  They have a software called CellSafety that stops texting while driving, blocks sexting pictures from going out or coming into the phone as well as cyber-bullying messages.  You can also set up no-texting zones, such as at a school.  Another awesome feature is that the parent will receive an email and text message immediately communicating any of these  issues.  WebSafetyPC watches the communications between the teen and chat sites looking for dangerous keywords and notifies the parent immediately if it detects one.  There is NO other software out there that covers as many dangers as WebSafety.  Go to www.mywebsafety.com/dunnllc for a full list of features.

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