3-5-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

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AOL reports why Vanessa’s Youthology program works for all families to bring parents and teens closer together.

Top Articles:

Five things that matter and five that don’t in raising smart and successful kids. The list may surprise you.
Four things to remember about bullies that may help you next time you’re being bullied.

Cavities are going up, so how can we get kids to keep teeth clean? Briane of Antibraces.com gives three examples to make dental hygiene fun.

Articles from Teens:

A few of the benefits to learning more than one language.

Despite TV, Internet and Video Games, teens, believe it or now, still crave a good book.
A teen’s perspective on the still high teen pregnancy rate.
Learning the difference between romantic attraction and friendship during the teen years.
From the initial flirtation to the physical affection to gift giving, a run down of what to do or not do 

when dating someone popular.

Teens need to take initiative now to ensure an intact environment for our future. Here are some really easy and simple ways to live green.

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The Radical Family Workbook & Activity Journal is an interactive book for families. Written by teens, this is a totally new approach to the traditional family meeting. 30 days (or weeks or months) worth of activities for families with kids of all ages!

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