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Daphne is a sixteen-year-old from California. Her interests pertain to everything, but most of her activities revolve around writing, reading, playing music, dance, travel, and chillaxing with the fambam and friends.

From what I have seen personally, the dynasty of Myspace’s reign as the top social networking site has passed, and social networking savvies have turned to the non-customized profile pages of Facebook. Truthfully, this feature does not make the array of functions on Facebook bland at all. Users are able to enjoy their time on the website through joining fan pages, the ability to send your friends Wall posts ranging from links to Youtube videos, and even applications such as Farmville and personality quizzes. Besides logging in, some websites (only a few including Teen Ink and Inkpop) allow users to connect through Facebook. Not to mention Facebook has gained popularity among older folks as well.

The freedom of establishing crazy groups and “pokes” are just a couple of things that make Facebook fun. I also credit Facebook as a lifesaver in helping me keep up with the birthdays of all my friends and sharing study guides by tagging classmates in notes. So why did I decide to take serious care in personalizing my privacy settings shortly after I registered?

1. Who’s watching you? Hint: It isn’t always God…

Facebook also permits an amount of publicity alarming to those who first registered for an account. News feeds track every action made on people’s profiles. Initially, my sister refused to add my mother out of fear that she would confront her about the Wall-to-Wall conversations she held with her friends. Another application gives you updates on who’s following your profile, but it only counts the top users you interact with on the site, not the ones whose profiles you view the most. The organization also makes it easier for people to search others according to how closely related they were by social networks. A student is able to type a name into the search box and immediately find the “Thomas Smith” who goes to the same high school instead of “Thomas Smith” in New York City.

2. I can think of one person who wouldn’t like to see you vomiting all over your friend’s new clubbing outfit.

Perhaps you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of friends and family, but people that could potentially soon be a part of your life. This category includes bosses or roommates who might decide to look you up. You don’t need to remove every activity off your wall unless there is a logical reason to fear that your future position depends on a first impression made on your political perspective and musical taste. Still, it is a general Internet safety precaution to check bits of information and photos that, truthfully, can easily diffuse throughout the Facebook community.

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