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We have some amazing teen interns, and we are always accepting applications for our teen internships, but we are now having many of our teen interns graduating High School and moving on to college! We also get applicants all the time who are in their early 20’s but still want to have a chance at the internships! We have now partnered with an amazing company that promotes safe sex and some other amazing pro-teen projects to build a college internship!

If you are 18 or older and want to apply to work with us and the IT Internship, check out this page:



Here is the info:

Vista Holdings is on the look out for some amazing teens and college students! We are looking for teens and college students who are interested in writing, marketing and advising a large social company.

We take applications year-round.

Why Our Internships Are Great!

**We are an extremely forward thinking company our Company’s Mission Statement: TeezITnow is a True Innovative Prevention Program that works. We want to empower the our teens to have a say in their lives, health and future.

**We have lessons that our interns go through to actually learn about the online business as well as how social companies work. We want to teach you how you can work and make a difference. You will learn how your efforts will make a difference and possible save lives.

**Teen unemployment has reached an all time high of 31%, we are hoping to give teens something else to work on and learn from, as jobs have become very hard to come by.

**Perks! We always give our teens giveaways, iTunes gift cards and even the opportunity for paid experiences with our focus groups. We also would love to hire some of our interns after we see some of their great work.

**Resume Building: We know that getting into University is becoming more and more competitive, we want to give our teen interns an extremely unique boost to their resume with this experience.

**Future recommendations: We often write recommendations for teen interns for other jobs, college applications and programs.

Intern Qualifications:

-Must be ages 15-24
-Can be in High School or College
-Must be willing to work virtually for at least 2 hours per week
-Has strong interest in moderate writing, advising, current trends and online marketing.
-Lots of creative Ideas and opinions
-A strong desire to make a difference

Internship Description: -Each intern is on our IT Campaign advisory board. We want energetic and creative young people to tell us what and how we should get our positive message out there. This involves posting in an online forum and responding to questions.

-Some interns will be chosen to write for our blog. You can write articles on a variety of topics, for 1 article per month 300-700 words on topics of their choice as well as topics assigned by the rest of the Young Adult Advisory Board. This is a creative process and topics are usually discussed before writing with some guidelines.

-Writers will learn how to write engaging articles for blog audiences and the differences between online and offline articles.

-Interns will also do at least 2 hours of work per week working on extensions of their articles through comments and in our teen discussion forums. These hours can be done at any time as long as writing and task deadlines are met…we want you to have a fun summer and be able to do lots of other activities, or still keep up your grades in school!

-Interns will be given access to our private social network where they will learn about experience marketing articles, cold emailing and how to participate in advising companies.

-Our interns work in our virtual office with google documents, ning and email. They will be given their own email address and have opportunities for creative input on the website as a whole.

-Interns who have an interest in marketing, will learn about experience marketing articles, cold emailing and writing press releases, contacting producers and networking with other bloggers.

-Marketing Interns will do at least 2 hours of work per week learning new online marketing skills and performing tasks online to build their knowledge of Web 2.0 marketing. This is great experience for those wanting to go into the industry!

-Each week of our internship is split up by topic, each week, interns will learn about the skills needed for this area of the business (press releases for example) and then will spend at least 2 hours practicing these skills for our websites.

-Teen marketers will also explore different social networks and other web 2.0 tools to learn about this aspect of online marketing and marketing a website.

-Those interested in trend spotting and reporting trends will also have the opportunity to participate in our online forums.

Other Benefits for you:

-You can finally express your ideas and opinions to people who will listen and disseminate them on a large scale.
-You can put on your college application/resume that you worked with us
-Practice expressing and writing out your opinions
-Access to interesting trends before they come out

-The Opportunity to get involved, develop and promote various other businesses, products and Brands.

How to Apply: Send an email to with the subject “IT Internship” Send us: Your Name: Age: Hometown: Why you are applying for the IT Internship: (200-500 words)

-Please also submit one writing sample. This can be a school essay or an article.
-Please also submit 1 paragraph on your favorite marketing campaign this year and why. (eHarmony’s Online commercials, Nike’s superbowl commercial etc) There is no ‘right answer’ to this question, feel free to be creative with it. We want to get to know a little bit more about you and your interests.
-1 Paragraph about your career goals. This is not something we judge you on, we actually really want to help you achieve those goals, and this will help us place you with a special project and/or mentor within the company.


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