3-12-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

We were in New York Area this week, we saw many of you at our public events, thanks for coming!

Top Articles:

Teaching Teen Girls: 5 Signs A Guy Is Only Interested in Sex
A parent’s guide to teach their daughters this very important dating lesson.

10 Tips: Want to Give Your Kid Their Own Blog?
It may seem scary to let your kid have a public online outlet, but if done safely, blogging can be a great way for your kid to be creative and to become a better writer.

Articles from Guests:

How Can I Possibly Get My Child to Stop Drinking Soda [Guest Post]
Author Dr. Nancy Irven breaks down the issue of teens unhealthy addiction to soda so that your child can improve their diets.

Articles from Teens:

Advice for Teen Girls Column: Going Through a Breakup
What to do post-breakup and how to get back into the dating scene, if you’re ready.

You Are Who You Are
The high school years can be rough as peer pressure abounds, but the most important thing to remember during these times is to embrace your individuality.

Reasons for Facebook Privacy
The popular social networking site is fun for keeping in touch with friends and posting pictures, but these seemingly innocent activities can have their consequences.

A favorite:

As parents one thing we all face, is keeping our energy levels up, as we keep up with our children.  This month Whole Foods Market current podcast series suggests tips and action steps to support our energy levels naturally and safely.  For a great list of energy supporting herbs, and to listen to these podcasts please visit:  http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/category/whole-body-podcast/

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The Radical Family Workbook & Activity Journal

The Radical Family Workbook & Activity Journal is an interactive book for families. Written by teens, this is a totally new approach to the traditional family meeting. 30 days (or weeks or months) worth of activities for families with kids of all ages!

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