My Favorite Teacher Ever

Melissa Harnanan is a 16 year old from Valley Stream, New York. In her spare time, she enjoys going to Manhattan, shopping, and of course reading new novels.

In my entire school career, there have been many notable teachers that have contributed to the student I am today. However, there has been one teacher in particular that has really fulfilled the criteria of being “My Favorite Teacher Ever.” Mr. Farrell has been my teacher three times during my high school career. He was my Advanced Social Studies Teacher in 8th grade; in tenth grade, he taught the elective history class called American History1945-Present; and last semester, he was my Psychology teacher.

Here’s a little background about Mr. Farrell. He obtained his Undergraduate Degree from Suny Albany, while obtaining his Graduate Degree from St. John’s University. His majors in college were Criminal Justice and History. He strongly considered pursuing a career as a FBI Agent, but his love of working with children outweighed that career choice. Mr. Farrell also contributes his choice to becoming a teacher to the teachers he had in high school. Some of Mr. Farrell’s hobbies include, reading, playing basketball, considering he is the Coach of the Junior High Basketball Team; playing guitar, and of course spending time with his family. Mr. Farrell has a long list of books that he has read, but noteworthy enough picks The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger as his favorite.

Out of curiosity, I asked Mr. Farrell what his Ideal Day Off from work would be. He replied that he would get up early, eat a nice breakfast, and take an outdoor trip, which would consist of various activities ranging from hiking to fishing with his son Alex. Outside of the classroom, I like that Mr. Farrell has his own sense of family identity. It shows his nurturing side, which ultimately displays his sense of care and helpfulness he displays when working with his students.

Mr. Farrell would have to be my favorite teacher ever because he always live by the motto “Do What’s Right.” He even has a sign that says those words in front of his classroom above the blackboard for all his students to see. Mr. Farrell exhibits an upbeat, positive personality, which is the greatest attribute about him. I have never ever seen a student get into a heated dispute with Mr. Farrell. Whenever I wrote a paper in his class, he would underline the points he thought were interesting and annotate with smiley faces or sad faces, where there was a sad example I wrote about or a happy one. In addition, he would write comments in the margins of my paper of what he thought of each paragraph, or line of my paper. I like that Mr. Farrell takes time to actually read my papers because many other teachers are so swamped with work and just glance through the pages. On the contrary, Mr. Farrell actually takes his time and reads every little word, writing positive comments or constructive criticism.

While Mr. Farrell definitely displays his professional atmosphere at work, he also has his teenage friendly side. He is able to relate to teenagers, and not be strict and uptight like other teachers would be. I think this is a very important quality in a teacher. Many teachers that I have come across in high school have had mean personalities, and their students question “Why did they become a teacher in the first place?” However, with Mr. Farrell I doubt that question has ever entered anyone’s mind. He is very approachable and whenever someone has a question he is always available for help.

Teachers are supposed to be a role model for the students they teach. While students may hate the subject they are taking, it is the teacher that actually makes the class interesting, and that is what Mr. Farrell does in each and every one of his classes. Whether they know it or not, teachers have an enormous impact on some of the students they teach. Many students do not go home to a friendly household where everything is orderly and neat, which is why they consider school a safe haven. Mr. Farrell makes school an enjoyable and safe place to learn. Like Mr. Farrell would say, I think everyone should live by the inspirational words of “DO WHAT’S RIGHT!”

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