Trends for Spring and Summer 2010:

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  • Tribal Bracelets
  • Nautical
  • Military
  • The Poof/The “Snook”
  • Bright Pastels

As the days get warmer and spring fever kicks in, everyone’s feeling brighter and up for change. For me, at least, that change is switching out all of my long-sleeved shirts for tank tops and dull colors for something brighter. Well, here are some trends that seem to be popping up everywhere for spring.

African Tribal Bracelets

As a gift, my mom surprised me with a set of three tribal inspired bracelets beaded in vibrant yellows, blues and reds. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I thumbed through a Marie Claire to find ones that looked almost exactly alike, but cost $28 apiece (which, for what they were, was a lot). Even later was when a Ghanian girl in my school sported one in her native country’s colors. That being said, since these kinds of bracelets can be hard to find, look around and try to find photos of traditional African jewelry (like this South African one at the left) to figure out exactly what you want. These bracelets can be found anywhere from flea markets to department stores.


Are you feeling the crisp sea air yet? Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Abercrombie, and many other designers have been known for this timeless look. This classic spring staple is all-American and can make you look and feel like a New England élite. However, you don’t have to shell out money like one for this look. Stores like Forever 21and Urban Outfitters are bursting with sailing-worthy steals. The look too preppy for you? No problem: French couturier John Paul Gaulthier has developed a line of edgier dresses and tops for Target.


When I noticed that Rihanna had a military theme to the video for her fall smash hit “Hard,” I noticed how crazy some of the outfits were. Jackets with shoulders out to there were mixed in with “bullet” vests, warrior style dresses, and fierce makeup. Since then, military has been popping up everywhere from the runway (Balmain, Marc Jacobs) to the mall (American Eagle). To find a whole platoon of different looks, go to Forever 21’s website ( Don’t be afraid to mix and match with a dog tag here, or a camo item there. However, try not to overdo it, unless you want to look like a drill sergeant.

The Poof/The “Snook”

With a little reality show called Jersey Shore, a pint-sized guidette was able to influence the beauty aspect of the fashion world. At least, for now. While most designers were shunning the now-famous Snooki and her summer housemates, designers like Vera Wang took Snooki’s wild mane and gave it a classier edge. Back home in my glorious Garden State, the look is popping up everywhere. While this can be a tricky look to pull off, especially if you don’t have bangs like me, the reality star herself said that teasing the hair gives the best effect. Yet, rather than over-process your hair, it is best to use a moderate amount. If you’re still unsure, go to a salon to test out the look first.

Bright Pastels

A radical change from the neon colors of a few seasons ago, pastels are slowly coming back with non-Easter overtones. Both Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue have had long fashion spreads in colors spanning from lavenders to minty greens. A good brand that specializes in all fashion staples (including whole spectrums of pastels and other colors) is American Apparel. Want somewhere more convenient and lower brow? Then Delia’s is also a great place to find pastels, especially with tanks, swimsuits and their endless collection of graphic tees.

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