3-26-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles

5 Ways The Internet Has Changed Teen Dating

The pros and cons to the new way teens date due to the Internet being a part of their everyday lives.

Teen Hazing: What Parents Should Know

Hazing comes in different forms and at different extremes. What parents need to know about this scary trend, which exists at all different age levels.

Articles from Teens

BOOK REVIEW: This Is Me From Now On by Barbara Dee

A story about a 7th grader stuck in a rut is relateable whether you are feeling stuck in school, at home or in your friendships.

Staying In School

What statistics and real life say about staying in school, despite the temptations some teens may feel to drop out during tough times.

Trends for Spring and Summer 2010:

5 fashion trends teen girls are following this season.

My Favorite Teacher Ever

How a high school teacher became one student’s role model.

No Other Advice

Useful advice that calmed the nerves of a stressed-out teen.

These articles are by our featured bloggers today, Jodi Cohen and Naomi Panzer who run MommyManners.com, a blog about conflicts between parents and how to fix them.  www.mymommymanners.com

Love the friend, hate her kid

You love your friend, but you could do without her kid. Maybe she is out of control, teases your children, mouths off to you, or perhaps she breaks things then lies about it — whatever the case, it can be awkward and uncomfortable when you don’t like your friend’s children.


Is it ever ok to tell another mom that something is wrong with her parenting?

If your friend doesn’t ask, is it your place to tell her parenting or her child need improvement?


Have I told you lately how great my kid is?

Parents take enormous pride in their children, which can swell over into a competitive parenting.  With so few external validations of our success as parents, we view our children’s success as reinforcement of our excellent parenting skills.


When Grandparents Corrupt our Kids

Parents try to set rules, like not taking their 5 year old to see a violent movie like Avatar.  What do you do when grandparents intentionally ignore your rules with your child.


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