Tipping Around the World: There’s an App for That

Tipping Tips iPhone App

There’s always something you forget to look up before you start your latest trip overseas. For me it’s the tipping customs in the country I’m about to visit. I inevitably am forced to used some of my precious international roaming bandwidth on my iPhone so I don’t offend the first taxi driver I meet on my visit. Thankfully I now no longer have to worry, as a new iPhone app takes care of it all for me!

Tipping Tips for the iPhone, now available in the App Store, has a database of local tipping customs for countries all around the world. The tagline for the app really says it all:

Tip like a local, all around the globe. How much should tip a waiter in Wales? A porter in Portual? Hotel staff in Hong Kong?

What’s so great about this app is that it doesn’t just tell you generic tipping customs for each country around the world, but breaks it down by profession in the country you’re actually in. There are also calculators so you can easily enter the total sum for your dinner and figure out what you should tip on top.

For $0.99 I have to say it’s worth it to have this information in your pocket. I’ll be testing it out on our next trip abroad and will let you all know how it performs in the field in a real world situation.


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