10 Best Resources for Young Entrepreneurs, Kid Inventors and Teen Businessmen

A big part of our teen internship program and mission here at Radical Parenting is encouraging young entrepreneurs.  To be a young successful entrepreneur, you sometimes need a little extra help.

Here are some great resources for kid inventors, teen businessmen and young entrepreneurs:

1. Score

Score is a great program and set of resources for young entrepreneurs. I actually got a free mentor through Score who helped me better understand the world of publishing.  They have great links and ideas for kids, teens and tweens who want to start their own business of any kind.

2. InventNow.org

I love when kids and teens get creative with inventions in their young business ventures.  This website is a great way to submit your designs and get help producing products.

3. Young Entrepreneur.com

This is a great website with forums, links and resources for young entrepreneurs and teen businessmen.

4. Small Business Association Teen Section

The small business association is a great place for kids and teens to start.  They have ideas, resources and ways the government can help in your young venture.

5. Renegade CEO’s

This is a great website, also called the teen entrepreneurs blog for young people to meet other similar business minded individuals, get ideas and read articles.

6. Radical Teenagers

We offer a ton of free support to young entrepreneurs and teen writers. Along with our articles, our internship program is a great way to get some resume value and we also encourage personal projects/businesses as part of the internship.   We also have a small venture capital section, where we invest in young entrepreneurs and ideas!

7. Young and Successful

The young and successful network has a ton of resources and a great twitter feed for young entrepreneurs.  They are also growing very quickly.

8. Teen Bloggers

There are a couple of different website for teen blogging entrepreneurs. I know many young entrepreneurs who have a business of any kind dabble in blogging.  You can try a few of these sites:

9. Young Money

Money is a huge part of any business.  This website teaches young people how to manage money and make more with their growing online business.

10. Ben Lang

We all love Ben Lang’s tips and tricks for young entrepreneurs and businessmen. He has a great blog and twitter feed with tons of free advice.

It is so important for young entrepreneurs to do research and network.  All of these resources are great ways to do that. Always let us know how we can help!

3 Responses to “10 Best Resources for Young Entrepreneurs, Kid Inventors and Teen Businessmen”

  1. Brittany
    April 3, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    I stumbled across a radio program called Ron morris’ The American Entrepreneur. It airs every day from 3-6pm EST on 1360AM and at http://www.TAEradio.com.

    I only mention this because they are going to profile three young entrepreneurs on Friday April 9th. I think one of them is only 12 years old! This is going to be a wonderful show and though your readers might be interested.

  2. familyigloo
    March 24, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    Thanks for sharing the Link, will be checking back in regularly!


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