4-2-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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Have a wonderful Passover and Easter!

Top Articles:

What is an Urban Nomad?

10 ways to embrace this popular globe-trotting life-style amongst teens and twenty-somethings.

Family Geocaching 101

5 examples to use geocoaching, like a high-tech scavenger hunt, to bond with your family.

Articles from Teens:

The ABC’s of LGBT: Examining the Letters of a Tabooed Alphabet

After an eye-opening LGBT workshop at UCLA, one of our college-bound teen writers decided to explore the importance of learning all the different types of sexual orientations and accepting people for who they are.

A Tragedy That Did Not Have to Be

Exploring Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet, from a teen parenting point of view.

Gem in the Rough: Positive Role Models in the Hollywood Jungle

Two popular Disney stars emerge as great role models for Generation X.

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Girl Workshops

Vanessa Van Petten has recently been doing workshops for girls and young women all over the country.  Vanessa uses a unique method to reach girls on their level and understand the dangers, benefits, and tactics for navigating the online world.  She covers everything from cliques to self-esteem to organization and college applications and can craft a program for your needs.  If you would like to bring Vanessa Van Petten into your community or school, please email manager@scienceofpeople.com for a list of programs.

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