Why Apply to a Teen Summer Program?

Daphne is a sixteen-year-old from California. Her interests pertain to everything, but most of her activities revolve around writing, reading, playing music, dance, travel, and chillaxing with the fambam and friends.

About a month ago, I sent in my application for the California State Summer School for the Arts. I had been searching for an arts summer program through the Internet since about November, and my quest was ended about two weeks before the deadline. The details of the program impressed me enough, but just to make sure, I even Googled for testimonials. The program requested that applicants provide a portfolio of their work according to specific guidelines and also mail in two letters of recommendation. Now, the deadline for CSSSA may have passed already, but if you are looking for a program for next summer, the website is definitely worth checking out. In fact, there are a couple of reasons why it is beneficial to consider browsing for summer programs.

When I applied for the program, I stated in my personal statement how much I wished to surpass my current comfort zone and explore what else I could learn about my craft, especially since I was considering becoming serious enough to make it my profession. I signed up for a competitive intensive in order to see what it would take to excel in what I wanted to do. At the same time I would have my work seen by faculty of experienced artistic veterans instead of scribbling in my room and showing it to family and friends. In addition, I like the idea of being around other kids who were extremely dedicated to perfecting their art.  Plus, those who performed especially well in the program could receive a scholarship that could be used in college. I was certain that if I was accepted into the program, the experience would be worth it.

Most importantly, attending a summer program with a strength in a specific area of interest can define exactly how serious you are about pursuing that interest. Therefore, certain summer programs can even help your college transcript. When you attend a precollege program at a university you are interested in, then those who review your application to that college will see that you have taken a step to show your level of enthusiasm for attending that school. Like CSSSA, you may have to send in a portfolio to supplement your application and precollege programs may want evidence of academic and extracirricular excellence.

To start off your search, here are some websites I have visited that provide links to different types of summer camps, whether you wish to further your interest in the arts or academics. Although summer programs in general tend to be quite expensive, plenty of them provide applications for financial aid:






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