Teen Bucket Lists

I saw this at one of my client’s houses and thought it was absolutely adorable. I have heard about many kids, teens and college students making “Bucket Lists” or lists of things they want to do before they graduate High School, turn 18 or finish college.

I think this is a fabulous idea.  I also think that this bucket list is very exemplary of the teen mindset today.  You can see there are huge ambitions here (awesome!), as well as some silly ones (getting more flexible) and of course a high priority on boys.  I think this is very demonstrative of the typical teen girl mentality (mine would have been similar).

I think making a bucket list for yourself or your child is a great bonding or rainy day activity.

Here is How to Make a Teen Bucket List:

1. Do some pre-thinking time alone. It is good to reflect for yourself before diving into a group activity.

2. Sit down with people you like and trust.  Sometimes you forget things you have always said you want to do.  Parents and best friends are great reminders!

3. Think outside the box.  Do not stick with normal, really push yourself to try something new and get out of your comfort zone!

4. Be reasonable.  Be out there, but do not pick something you will be too hard (or expensive) to do, this will set you up for disappointment.

5. Make a timeline! You want to make sure this list doesn’t just stay on paper.  Start planning and setting dates and make sure your friends keep you on top of it.

Note on College Bucket Lists:

College students have even more freedom for bucket lists. I think ti is actually great to make bucket lists with friends.

My Bucket List:

I figured maybe I should make mine now that we are talking! Here is my bucket list so far:

1. Go on a cruise down the Nile River

2. Get a dog

3. Grow an herb garden and keep it alive.

4. Buy property abroad

5. Publish my fiction novel.

6. Drive up the California coast

7. Go to Austin for South By South West

8. Have kids and Grand kids (eventually)

9. Design, decorate and build a dream house

10. Live in Berlin


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