Belinda is a 16- year-old from Toronto, ON. She enjoys fashion, writing, and her favourite subject is Drama because she loves creating skits.

Laguna Beach. Survivor. The Real World. Jersey Shore. These are the names that fill our TV guides. It’s a national epidemic. Reality television has taken over. We are obsessed by the idea of watching complete strangers live out their lives and most often, make a complete fool of them selves. Most of these shows are said to be scripted and unrealistic. So why is it exactly that people love to watch reality shows?

I personally don’t know one teenager, or adult for that matter, who doesn’t watch a reality show. Whether we watch it because we are secretly infatuated with it or because we simply want to laugh, we are all guilty of flipping the channel to at least one reality show. Some people think that reality television shows have become an escape for a lot of people. It’s a chance to get away from our own lives. Another reason why people may watch reality television is a little bit more twisted. Basically, it’s an opportunity to forget about our own screwed up lives and thank God that our lives are not as screwed up as these reality stars.

As soon as the day starts, television is filled with all types of reality shows. Games, high school life, the modeling world—you name it and there’s probably a reality show. From sex to drugs, to boyfriends and best friends, it’s all there. Even if we wanted to, it’s not exactly as if we could escape this frenzy. Parents—do not fret. It’s normal for you guys to be worried about your kids watching reality TV shows. There are a lot of things on those shows that are inappropriate. But the truth is, today, everything is inappropriate. There’s no way to escape it. From billboards to commercials inappropriate images are already all around us. I think trying to ban kids from watching reality shows will only get you into more trouble because the truth is, as teenagers, we love to do what were not supposed to.

So take a break, and maybe watch one of these shows with us. Talk to us about the show and about the issues that are faced in these shows. So basically, as “real” as these shows are, they seem like they will be sticking around for a while. So the best thing to do would be to indulge ourselves in them. Indulge your guilty pleasure and watch a reality show tonight.

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