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Aimee is from West Chester, PA, and she is 15 years old. She has a passion for figure skating, ballet and playing the piano. She loves challenges and aspires to be a lawyer when she is older.

When my parents were younger, the number of volunteering teens was defiantly not as significant as it is today. Today, the reason for the increases in volunteering teens could be attributed to the fact that teens all but required to have volunteer hours in order to get in to collage and to be a member of honors societies at some schools. Teens are under so much pressure to volunteer that the true meaning of volunteering is sometimes lost.

Teens need to know that they should participate in volunteer work to volunteer and help people, not to boost their resume or become a member of a club at school. I will admit that when I first started volunteering my time; I did so in order to get volunteer hours for school, but after getting to know the people that I was helping, I caught the bug and wanted to volunteer just to help people!

I love the feeling of assisting people and giving up a tiny bit of the time that I am fortunate enough to have to help people who are less fortunate than me. The feeling of volunteering and making someone or something better, is a priceless feeling that everyone should want to experience.

Some things teens can do to volunteer include:

  1. Helping out at your local hospital.
  2. Volunteering in nursing homes and retirement communities.
  3. Volunteering at animal shelters and veterinary offices.
  4. Working at garden centers and nurseries.
  5. Helping in libraries.
  6. Working at museums and aquariums.

I think all teens should be involved in some sort of volunteer work. The satisfaction of being involved in a project that could help a person dramatically is something that every teen should experience.

So get out there and get involved in some volunteer work. Do it because you want to help someoneā€¦ not because you have to. Have fun with whatever you get involved in and you will soon find out how much volunteering can help not only other people, but yourself!

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