4-16-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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Nazi Teens

An ironic image from the growing online teen trend, ChatRoulette, provides a harsh reminder that hate and discrimination still exist. We need to constantly teach our children to be kind, tolerant and open-minded.

Articles from Teens:

Top 10 Teen Cheating Techniques

Cheating isn’t as simple as copying off of someone else’s paper these days. With texting and internet-accessible phones, cheating is pretty easy for the modern-day teen.

Reality Shows: Why So Appealing?

Watching shows such as Laguna Beach and Jersey Shore serve as a guilty pleasure, but also as material for good talking points.

I’m Going To Fly Across The Worlds Biggest Mountains And The Widest Rivers…

Each school year can mark major growing pains and learning experiences, as one teen recounts.

Finding the Parenting Style Most Effective for Your Teen

A 17-year old’s thoughtful insight into the world of parenting. What works, doesn’t work and why.

2010 Vancouver Olympics

A proud Canadian teen gives her take on this year’s winter olympics.

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