What in the Heck are we Doing?

We’ve been running a lot of “How To” articles on the blog recently, but wanted to switch it up and let everyone know a little more about our personal plans for the next six months or so. We’re doing a lot of cool things and are really excited to talk about the whole process with you and share you thoughts as well.

Truth is we’re in the middle of a big change here at Living Radically. We decided to inaugurate a long term travel trip with our upcoming jaunt to China this May. To us this means a lot more than standing in line for a Chinese visa and buying some place tickets. We decided to turn a three week trip into a several month long adventure after we return, including a drive up the PCH to Portland, Oregon and house hunting in Central America.

Each of those trips will be thoroughly reported on, don’t you worry. First up though, we have to get rid of all our stuff at our home base in LA. Vanessa and I came to the conclusion there was no better time to give up our home base apartment than now, so for the past few weeks we’ve been selling all our stuff. I have a post coming up next week on that topic, suffice it to say we have way more things to get rid of than I thought!

First off in May we’ll be attending the World Expo in Shanghai. We’re extremely excited to get back to Shanghai, particularly during this once in a lifetime exhibition. We plan to do a lot of video posts from there for you so you can see some of the sites for yourself. After the Expo we’ll be back in LA for a few weeks and then leave on our road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway past San Francisco all the way to Portland, Oregon. We plan on staying there for a couple months (the least rainy months according to my research) before making a pit stop in LA again on our way to Central America.

If any readers out there have a few suggestions they feel like sharing for either of those two trips, please feel free! We’ve been to both places before but definitely don’t consider ourselves locals. We look forward to bringing you continued insight into our location-free lifestyle, so please subscribe now to stay up to date with everything going on!

And here is a stupid video of a globe spinning for you to watch just because I like iMovie:


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