The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had and Why

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Class room by The Infatuated.

The best teacher that I ever had, who is still my teacher, is Mrs. McCarthy. I go to a private Christian school, so most of the information in my books has something to do with God or the Bible. Mrs. McCarthy uses life experiences in all of her classes, including Algebra 1. She can explain a problem, use an example, and you know how to do it in 10 minutes.

My teacher has been teaching for about 10 years. She has taught kindergarten, and 7th-12th grade. She has taught multiple courses, including science and Health. She enjoys teaching many classes and having few students because she can connect to the students more.

Mrs. McCarthy has 5 children. They all take after their mother and are very active and bubbly. They all enjoy hanging out with their friends and going to school. She has been happily married for over 12 years. Her husband, Tom, is very funny and has a very vigorous personality.

If I had to keep a teacher for life I would choose Mrs. McCarthy because she has changed my life. I have become a better Christian, a better school student, and a better person. She has taught me many valuable lessons and has accomplished many things. I am proud to say that she is my favorite teacher.

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