CNN Clips and Articles for Parents This Week

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We have had a very exciting week.  Many of you twittered, emailed and messaged in that you saw us on CNN yesterday with Ali Velshi talking about teens and texting.  They are bringing us back again today to talk about texting in the schools!

Here are our clips from the past two days:

Clip 1: “Texting Teens Miss Social Cues”

Clip 2: “Schools Using Cell Phones in Class”


Top Articles:

Next Teen Online Trend:

Our teen writers have already begun writing about this for their April article, which is further proof that, the latest Facebook-rival, is already a full-fledged online teen trend.

Articles from Teens:

Picking a college is not like picking a pair of shoes

The top 5 pieces of advice to high schoolers before they get knee-deep in the college application process.

The Best Teacher I’ve Ever Had and Why

How a good teacher teaches more than just her subject matter to reach out to her classroom and make better students. a New Teen Fad

How certain teens have taken advantage of what seems to be an innocent outlet to have fun online and to get to know your friends.

My Perspective on Perseverance

A lesson in not quitting, comes just in time for this soon-to-be high schooler.

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