Contest: Best Summer Camps for Teens and Tweens

We usually get a lot of emails from teens, tweens, and parents asking us for our camp recommendations.  This year we decided to hold a contest looking for the best camps and reviewing them as best we can before summer starts.  We are looking for all kinds of camps–arts, sports, sleep-away, day-camps, space camps, international camps.  We will break them down by category.

Requirements for Camp Submission:

We are happy to take submissions from Parents, Campers and Camp Directors/Counselors, please see requirements:

-Must be able to take campers above the age of 11, our readers are parents mostly with kids above the age of 11.

-You must have the email and name of the camp director so we can get permission to review the camp and include it in the submission.

-In each submission please include:

  • Name of the camp
  • Location of the camp
  • Ages for the camp (Campers above the age of 11 must be allowed)
  • Theme or specialty of the camp
  • Camp Website
  • Email and name of camp director
  • (Optional, but great if you have it) Brochure or flyers about the camp
  • (Optional, but great if you have it) Testimonials from campers/parents

-You can submit to and our teen reviewers will begin looking at your camp!

We love giving our readers awesome resources, so hopefully we will get some great entries!

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