How to Fight Procrastination: Tips on Completing Homework

Vivian is a 15-year-old from Miami, FL. She enjoys music and hanging out with friends. In the future, she hopes to become a psychologist because she loves helping others in their times of need.

After school, if any other teen saw my routine, they wouldn’t be surprised. Excluding my after school activities, I would go online, check Facebook for awhile, and then do my homework. Sometimes, even if I did get home at 2:45, I wouldn’t start my homework until very late at night. I know this is horrible, but this has just been a habit of mine that is impossible to break. Even though I have multiple APs and am in honors classes, I somehow get my homework done with this distraction, but not as efficiently. Thus, I have devised a plan that I am trying to follow in order to excel in school and not let the internet be an intruding obstacle.

1. Have a snack beforehand.

This may come as a surprise to some, but this actually works. We students need our fuel after a long day of school. I know from experience that if tired, homework would be the last thing on my mind: I would either want to sleep or go on the computer. If alert, I would have a higher chance of wanting to get my homework finished and out of my way.

2. Avoid distractions.

Avoid doing homework in front of the computer (the biggest distraction of all). If it is indeed needed for an assignment, try to make that the last one to do for the day. Personally, I would also stay clear of my room because the bed looks so comfortable, but everyone’s different. If you know that you won’t be tempted to take a nap in your bed, then use your room. But, for me, my best choice would be somewhere in the house with absolutely no noise (other than quiet music) and obtrusions. This way, there are no temptations to do something else while the homework is waiting for you.

3. Devise a schedule for each night.

Whenever I stick to this plan, my nights are more successful. What I do is I plan how many hours I am spending on each task and use those variables to come up with an approximate time to complete my homework, so that I am free to do whatever I want afterwards. This has proven effective because when I set up a deadline for myself, I have less of a chance to procrastinate until 12 o’clock that night.

4. Create a reward.

Self-discipline is key. It is crucial in order to keep your grades up and finish the needed tasks for each night. One of the motivators for following your plan to not procrastinate could be a reward, such as going to the movies on Friday night if you stick to your nightly plans for a week. Keep in mind that this is simply a suggestion and that you shouldn’t let the reward itself be an obstacle in your nightly endeavors to complete your homework.

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