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Karis is a 16-year-old living in Middle Earth most of the time. She wishes that she were born 10000 years in the future (or however long it takes to reach the pinnacle of human civilization). She can normally be found between the pages of a book or in the kitchen.

What is Formspring?

“Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.”— is an innovative new website that focuses around social questioning and answering. Strangers or friends can anonymously pose questions to other strangers or friends.

Review of It’s an interesting concept, a personal website dedicated to asking questions and answering them. People are expected to answer truthfully, but a lot of formspring involves internet trolling, the act of purposefully antagonizing people on the internet in order to invoke an inflammatory response—basically purposefully pissing people off online. But, there are other uses to formspring.

Formspring is used by many of my friends to flirt. Many of my girl friends will anonymously pose questions such as “What type of girl do you like?” or “Do you like blonds or brunettes?” and then try to emulate the answer in order to hook the guy. Most of them don’t go as far as to dye their hair though.

But, formspring is not just for the younger generation and not just for recreational activities. My US History teacher has also opened a formspring account to allow students to ask her questions pertaining to history. It’s a useful tool for students, since it allows students to clear up any questions that they might have. This is a prime example of how social networking websites can be used to reach a broader audience; companies such as Coca-Cola open up 24/7 question and answer sites and celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher tweet.

But formspring is not all fun and games. The anonymous nature of the website allows people to bully and target an individual. It’s not just trolling, it can be malicious cyber-bullying that can lead to hurt feelings, a damaged psyche, and possibly more. Like any other website precautions must be taken to guard against bullying and to protect information, especially on a website like formspring which is based on sharing personal information. Users should not share any information that they would not say in real life; anonymity on the internet does not translate into anonymity in real life.

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