Will You Go to Prom With Me? …On Youtube


When a High School senior named Connor, asked model Arianny Celeste to go to prom with him, a new modus operandi was born.  Asking your prom date out via Youtube.  Many of us remember the awkward time period of prom date searching. Either we had to gather the courage to walk up to the apple of our eye or a sweaty, clammy, fellow teenager stumbled through a proposal to us.  Unfortunately I had to do both.

As a student at an all-girls school I had to calm my nerves in asking my date.  Then was the recipient of an invitation by a guy friend from another school.  Both were unpleasant, but I think an integral part of the High School, growing up experience.  Part of me wishes I could boot up my computer, film a few takes of a proposal with my make-up and hair just right and post it. Why?

  • It’s Easier

You can do it in your bedroom! On your time, at your pace.

  • Timing

Asking my prom date out was hard because I didn’t know when to approach him.  At youth group? Should I have a big get together and then invite him in person? On the phone? On text? This would take the guess work out of it. I would post the video and put the link on his Facebook page.

  • You Look Exactly How You Want to Look

You can make sure you look good, lighting is right…maybe if you look really hot they will want to go more?

The other part of me thinks it would be terrible to ask out a prom date on Youtube. Why?

  • Everyone Can See It

Unless you send it to him privately with a password (awkward) your potential no, could be for everyone to see and replay!  Also if I was the person who was receiving the video and had to say no for some reason, I would not want everyone asking me.

  • Impersonal

It is a bit impersonal to ask your computer to Prom.  Or get asked by a computer.  It was great getting asked and then being able to talk and flirt after wards. It is also a moment to remember for the rest of your life.

  • Waiting

I would think the asker wants to know right away what the answer is.  On Youtube it is impossible to know when they see it and how they will respond.  Will they send a video back? Tell you at school? Chat you? Text you? I couldn’t stand the waiting.

What do you think?

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