4-30-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

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Contest: Best Summer Camps for Teens and Tweens

Contest: Best Magazines for Parents

Top Articles:

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The 10 Difficult People Teens Have to Put Up With…and How to Deal

Learning how to deal with these different types of people a teen encounters during their early years can be lessons worth a lifetime.

Articles from Teens:

Cyber Torture

As the unfortunate death of Phoebe Prince demonstrated, cyber bullying can have very real and tragic consequences.

Teen Texting Epidemic

As Vanessa talked about on CNN last week, this teen writer agrees that texting has definitely become an obsession.

The Incredible, But Not Quite Edible, Facebook!

With cyber communication so prevalent, face-to-face communicating has become more difficult amongst teens. Why has texting, IMing, Facebooking trumped real, live conversations?

Welcome to Bieberville

Why has the 16-year old pop sensation, Justin Bieber, become the object of so many teen girls’ affection?

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