5-14-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

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We are still in China this week, speaking with some great Chinese families and going to the World Expo.  You can check out our adventures here:


and here:


Top Articles:

The Busy Paradox

4 ways to combat this paradox by having successful days, that aren’t insanely busy.

10 Ways to Teaching Common Internet Sense to Teens

The Internet is simply a fact of life these days. It is important to relate to your teens some common Internet safety concerns such as cyberbullying and privacy.

Articles from Teens:

6 ‘When To Let Your Teen’s

The teen point of view on those coming-of-age milestones such as dating and parties.


Trying to fit in during your teen years can be painful. One brave teen tells her story of how she went from feeling ugly to feeling beautiful.

“Gay” is NOT a synonym for “stupid”

Even though the intention of those who use the word “gay” other than to mean homosexual is not to be offensive, it still can be.

Not seeing eye to eye

A typical teen sees the merits in her overprotective parents as badly as she wants more freedom in her life.

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