What Are Teens Reading These Days?

Lauren is a 14-year-old from Coshocton, OH. She enjoys reading, watching chick-flicks, also writing books. When she grows up she wants to be a missionary to the U.S.

Some may say nothing, while others say everything. What is the truth?

Most teens today may be busy with texting, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, or family. There is school and family time, while some are busy with friends. Do they have time to learn, read, or do homework? If you ask a teacher what the percent of completed homework is in their class, they would probably give you a low amount.

Teens mostly read magazines, texts and their grades. Are they getting the brain power that they need? Are they eating a healthy breakfast which allows them to comprehend what they are actually reading? Most teenage girls like to read about the latest fashion item or the newest outfit. While, on the other hand, guys like to read about sports, cars, and chicks. Is this the future of our teens? Parents need to take a stand and give their children an education from books. Anyone of any age can learn a great deal from books.

I think that teens should be reading a lot more because it makes their brains think better and harder. It makes it work well and gives the teen the chance to have a better imagination. So Parents, how do you get your teen to read more?

1.)  Buy them interesting magazines that have articles about things they like and then slowly build it up to a book.

2.)  Give them the chance to explore the possibilities of books. Take them to the library or a garage sale and find some books!

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