10 Ways to Digitize Your Household Chores

One of my favorite topics to write about is how technology is changing life.  Today I want to write about a number of websites that help make household tasks infinitely easier–and more cost effective!

How to Save Money on Groceries and Food at Home

On Living Radically we are all about living well for less.  Here are a few ways to cut corners and save money while spending money on groceries and home cooked food without feeling like you are skimping.

1. Cooking by Numbers

This is an awesome website where you can put in what you have in your fridge and it will tell you what recipes you can make.  I realized I was losing a ton of money on wasted leftover food. I didn’t know what to do with the leftover sprouts or about to expire basil leaves.  This website will save you money and you can discover new recipes.

2. Ask Alice

If you spend a ton of money on toilet paper, detergent and other household goods or you live in a building with no elevators and hate lugging everything up the stairs.  Ask Alice is a great alternative.  This site lets you plug in your favorite white products, your usage and will send you reminders when you are about out. Then it delivers the items to you at a much higher discounted rate.  That extra 2 dollars on paper towels really adds up after a while.

3. Mozilla Sunbird

This is an amazing way to keep track of all scheduled maintenance things in your house. It is a really easy (and free) way to manage Weekly, daily and yearly chores and tasks

4. Remember the Milk

This is an online task management service.  It is amazing how much time you can waste and extra money you spend going back to the grocery store to pick up something you forgot or getting milk at a more expensive place nearby because you forgot it at Costco.

5. Leftover Chef.com

This is a great website that helps you use leftovers in yummy recipes.  So nothing goes to waste!

6. Weekly Menu Planner

This is a great way to save money and have less leftovers (although you now have some great sites to cook with those too!). This website will help you plan meals for your household.

7. Garden-Helper

If you want fresh veggies or herbs and are not sure how to have your own garden.  This is hte website for you.  They have all kinds of free help and advice.

If you have kids:

8. Chorewars.com

Yes, someone has turned chores into a video game. If you have kids that really cannot keep focus, this will help.

9. ChoreBuster

Another easy and free website to manage the chores online—and as they stress a very fair way to delegate household jobs.

10. Payjr

PAYjr is a part of Visa Buxx which offers an innovative chore and allowance system for kids and teens, in conjunction with prepaid, Visa Buxx, reloadable debit cards.

Bonus if you are living in a divorced family situation:

Our Family Wizard

This is for divorced families, they say: “Co-parenting and child custody can be easy, create parenting time schedules/plans in minutes, share activities, trade days, track child support, send messages, make journal entries and keep accurate records in one convenient place!”

We hope these help.  Would love your digital household tips in the comments!

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