Advice for Teen Girls Column: Why We Don’t Need Drugs

Melissa is a 15-year old from Rochester, NY. She enjoys volunteering and singing. Her favorite subject is English language arts because she wants to be a journalist. Melissa is one of our teen writers and also has her own fabulous advice site for teen girls at:, see more advice for girls at her site!

You are lectured about it all the time, and are constantly told that drugs are ‘bad’ and you should learn how to say no. But when the real time comes, you probably won’t be thinking about what you learned in class, instead you’ll be focused on whatever it is that might have tempted you to the drugs or made you say yes.

There are several different reasons why some people are attracted to drugs. One that is a common influence is, peer pressure. If you haven’t been pressured by peers to use drugs before, it may be easier to picture it this way: Imagine you and your group of friends were all at the mall. Someone found a cute necklace and suggested everyone buy it. You don’t want to feel like the odd one out, so even if you don’t like the necklace, you’d most likely go buy it anyway. Some, on the other hand, can be more independent and not go along with the crowd. This is a remarkable quality to possess, and makes the job of saying no to something much easier. Unfortunately, not everyone has this confidence, and that’s why saying no is so tough. Just remember this, if something doesn’t feel right to you, you don’t have to do it. Back to drugs, if your friends don’t accept you anymore if you refuse to use them, then they might not have been your friends at all. But you never know, some may come running back to you.

Other than pressure, drugs are also abused because of emotional reasons, such as needing an escape from reality. You never really escape your issues; in fact taking the drugs will only increase your issues. The more you take them, the more your brain can’t handle being able to function without them (once addicted you go through withdrawal). Once you start, there’s no way to escape them. We shouldn’t have to abuse ourselves to feel ‘good’, but instead we should be able to talk things out and not act on impulse, no matter how low we feel.

A lot of teens center their activities and thoughts around boys. Boys make up a big part of our life actually, but in one way this is negative. Boys tend to move faster when experimenting with drugs, and girls feel the need to ‘compete’ with them to increase their maturity. In fact the need to become more mature has fallen mainly onto girls, and according to Ezine articles, teen girls are beginning to abuse drugs more than boys.

When it comes to making bad choices, most of the time it is caused by pushing out all of the bad thoughts. What this basically means, is that you erase all of the consequences and live in the moment, not letting yourself chicken out. Where it may be easy to do this, when the consequences come you won’t think it’s easy anymore. You may be subject to the following mental health issues: depression, developmental lags, apathy, withdrawal, and other psychosocial dysfunctions, personality disorders, and suicide. In other words, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of health issues. Another problem that is well known by now, is teen pregnancy and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). These are caused by lack of caution, which is brought on by the use of drugs/alcohol. Even though you may say that would never happen to you, things change when the drug is inside of you.

The next step is to put all these words into action. You can make a vow to yourself to never use drugs no matter what the circumstances. Always keep the information stored in your mind so that when the time comes, you can be able to make the right decisions. We are a vulnerable target, so it is up to us to remain strong and not fall into the trap of drugs.

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