How Authors Can Sell More Books


Many authors come to us with the complaint:

“How do I sell more books?”

Perhaps you are an author with a nice healthy following, or you are just starting out.  How do you get more people to buy your book?

Here are some ideas for how authors can sell more books:

1. Make an ebook

Many people are afraid to buy a book that they have not seen before.  Or, they do not want to try a new author because they are unsure of whether or not it will be helpful or if they will like the writing style.  One way to overcome this fear with potential buyers is to make an ebook with a sample chapter or synthesized version of one of your concepts.  If you have a fiction book, you can also write a short story as a sample for people to see how you write.

2. Make a sell sheet

Make a one sheet about your book with a small summary, some great testimonials and book highlights (fiction or non-fiction). Attach this to emails, hand it out as fliers and put some in your car.  Having something for people to look at and hold or peruse in an email really helps convert book sales.

3. Teach a webinar

If you are a fiction writer have a webinar on how to write fiction.  If you are a non-fiction writer, host a webinar on your topic.  You can refer to the book in your talk so that it piques people’s interest and gets them to buy the book.

4. Teach a class

If you are not as technologically savvy, teach a class at a local college or as a seminar at your church or temple.  This helps get your demographic in front of you and you can sell your book in the back of the room.  You might even get paid a small fee to teach!

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