How to Promote and Market a Book Online


Even with the help of a publisher it can be very difficult for authors to sell and promote their own books.  Yet, every successful author has to learn to market their own book to make sales…especially if they plan on writing more books.

Marketing your book online has also become a particularly stressful endeavor for even the most successful authors.

Here are some tips for marketing your book online:

1. Make sure it is tagged right on amazon

Amazon has an extremely high page rank (comes up at the top of the page when people search in Google) and therefore, you should leverage the free tools that Amazon has to offer authors.  Many authors do not realize that you can tag your book in certain categories.  Make sure you do this for your book and if you can get a few other users to do the same so it comes up high when those terms are searched.

For example:

If you have a book on ADHD and Parenting.  You might want to tag the book ADHD, Parenting, Family, Kids, Attention Deficit Disorder, Children, School, Attention, etc.

2. Do a virtual blog tour

Email and befriend other bloggers who have readers that are your demographic.  Ask them to have a virtual blog tour where they interview and post about your book in the same week.  This gets you new readers and makes sure many people see you over the course of the week.

3. Comment on other blogs

You might be wondering how you can befriend other bloggers? Commenting is a great way to do this.  You can comment helpful and extra ideas on other bloggers articles to get their attention that you are a responsible reader.  Take care to only mention your website/book occasionally.

4. Package your book with another blogger

If you have ‘competition’ consider packaging your books together.  Offer a special discount if readers buy both books in the same go.  Or make a deal to sell your competitors books at your speaking engagements and website if they do the same for you.  There is enough to go around, and why work against each other when we can help each other!

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