What I Learned From My First AP Classes

Vivian is a 15-year-old from Miami, FL. She enjoys music and hanging out with friends. In the future, she hopes to become a psychologist because she loves helping others in their times of need.mail (362×450)

Last year, I totally didn’t know what was coming: Advanced Placement classes. However, this past year, as a freshman, I took two AP classes, thinking I could handle them. I did this because I wanted to match up to my brother, but I learned throughout the year that even though I could handle them, I should’ve known what was coming to me the first few weeks of May.  This experience for me and my fellow freshmen gave us a wakeup call and gave us a preview on what was to come for the next three years of our lives. We realized that our classes could only get harder from here on out.

My experience in Advanced Placement classes showed me that I had to be disciplined in my work and that no one was going to do my studying for me. From day one, it was a totally different atmosphere than middle school classes. I knew that AP classes were to some degree harder than regular classes, but no one really ever told me how much harder. I just took the incentive and told myself that I could do everything I put my mind to.

My first day of school was a nightmare because I was not used to that amount of coursework that was assigned to me. Yet, over time, I have learned how to cope with and manage my time so that I was able to finish all that was assigned to me.  Even my friend stated that “it was hard at first but I got used to it”. However, when AP tests were looming near, I started worrying that all my hard work over the course of the year was not enough to get a good score on my tests. That was when I really started to try to study.

My study sessions were usually failures because I could never concentrate. It was really frustrating at first, but over time, I forced myself to stay in my chair and just read the study material. Yet, it was not as easy as it seemed because my mind constantly wandered, or I got frustrated with cancelling all my weekend plans just to study. Eventually, I started counting down the days until my exams came so that I could get the torture over with.

After my exams, I felt that I did well and that my studying paid off. I now feel that this huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders and that I can finally think freely without that huge obstacle in my head. In the end, I realize that these kinds of courses are very beneficial to me and that I should just take what I know I can handle.

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