How Authors Can Use Twitter to Sell Books


Twitter can be overwhelming at first look.  Many authors who work with us complain that they have no idea how to use Twitter to promote, let alone sell their book and want to be able to use Twitter efficiently.

Here are some tips for authors on Twitter to sell books using Twitter:

1. Always direct to a link

It is hard to get people to click through to your Amazon page or website, but it is impossible if you do not always include your link.  Always link back to something.

2. Use a link shortener

Bitly is a great link shortening service so that you have more characters to entice your Twitter followers.

3. Contests

Twitter users love contests.  Hold a contest for the most avid retweeter to get your book.  This will also help you get more followers and those who do not win will most likely add it to their Amazon wishlist or buy the book anyway!

4. Ask for responses

Twitter is all about a conversation.  To sell more books on Twitter you have to show readers you care and are interesting.  Post questions on Twitter to start a dialogue.  If you have a non0fiction book, post about your area and then answer questions for them. If you have a fiction book ask question from your characters and then answer them in character.

5. Do a poll

You can also gather information from your followers.  You can do this about your book topic or ask them directly what they need to be convinced to buy your book.

6. Be a news aggregator

Many people read Twitter to hear the latest and greatest news or read articles.  Be a hub for your topic.  Never talk only about your book, offer good links about the topic of your book for your followers to show you are an expert.

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