Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Review

Rachel is a 17-year-old born and raised in NYC.  She enjoys singing, debating, traveling and writing.  Her favorite subjects are English and Science; she wishes to pursue a career in either of them in the future.comida rápida - fast food 3/5 by faelius.

I’ll be honest with you: I love food.  Then again, I’m willing to change my eating habits if I find out there’s something detrimental about the said food.  For example, my science class sat through the whole documentary of “Food Incorporated”, which changed my whole view on fast food.  (And if you like eating fast food, I suggest you don’t watch it, though it was really informative.)  Having said this, a show that I also foresee to making a difference is Jamie Oliver’s show.

When I read the reviews online about this show, I was a bit skeptical.  People tend to be set in their ways of life unless they are hit over the head with the lifestyle’s consequences.  Perhaps not even slapping reality upside their heads; the consequences normally accumulate until it comes in the form of duress, such as when people continue to eat high-cholesterol foods (even after their doctor recommends against it) and their body suffers for it.  To be honest, I just didn’t think that another “healthy” cooking show would make much of a difference, especially when there are many others.

My mentality stayed that way, until I watched an episode, that is.  I was salivating a bit when Oliver was preparing some fresh food.  One could almost see the aroma waft in front of your face.  It is a great idea for him to teach Americans how to eat healthy.  The show itself relies a bit on dramatizing minor problems though; a good chunk of one episode was of how Jamie Oliver teared up when he found out some elementary students didn’t get to eat with knives and forks…yeah, sorry for being sarcastic but emotional chefs aren’t exactly what I’m looking for in a radical TV show.  Great mentality and idea on Jamie Oliver’s part, but I do not think this show would be that popular.  There’s only so much fuss on food I can take; perhaps Oliver can make a show more about the food and less on the drama with the people.  Then again, watch “Revolution” for yourself; you might think differently.

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