Time Wise Teen [Guest Post]

This guest post is by Laura Lyseight, the teen inspirer and author of “The Teen With a Millionaire Mindset”  www.success4teens.info, helping teens create their unique success stories.

Time is the one commodity that all humans, have equal amounts of. Babies, toddlers, tweenies, teenagers, fathers and mothers all have assess to the same amount of time. This commodity is no respecter of age, gender, skin colour, rich or poor. Neither does it show favours to anyone, except to those who manage it well. “Time in the hands of a wise user, is purpose-filled and highly productive, but the same amount of time is useless to the unwise user.” Laura Lyseight.

We all have 24 golden hours in a day, 60 diamond minutes in an hour and 60 pearled seconds in a minute. What you use your time for, goes a long way to determine who you become. All successful men and women, know the value of time and are conscious of the fact that there is a fine line between its wise usage and its waste.

As you may have already noticed, most babies use these precious hours for eating, sleeping and doing all the regular activities that helps them to grow to become toddlers. The toddlers become tweenies exploring more of their world, and then they become teenagers.

As a teen with the whole of your life ahead of you, are you learning to master your time or the opposite is true? What I have personally noticed about time, which I  believe you have equally noticed is that, it flies by so quickly, even with the blinking of the eye and with the flashing of lightning.

How wisely are you spending this commodity that cannot be regained, once lost?

Are you the teen who spends an awful amount of time in idleness? Are you caught up texting endlessly on your phone, gossiping, surfing the net, walking aimless in shopping malls? What takes up most of your time?

Has television watching, become your obsession? Guess what, the celebrities or whoever you are watching, have had their big breaks and they did not waste their time watching others, but made good use of their time to catch the limelight.

Oh don’t quote me wrong, I am not saying to rule out watching television completely, as I know that it is some form of entertainment for most teens, in fact the majority of people. Neither am I saying to stop doing any of the above.

My advice is, just make sure you are not wasting precious time “watching instead of doing”. Set your priorities right from this tender age, where you have great opportunities ahead of you, so that you can ensure your success in the future.

All the social networking media I agree with you are good, since it has brought about great ways to communication worldwide, but make sure it is not causing havoc to your study life and other important areas of your life.

Watch how many hours you are spending on the internet, as the clock is ticking faster than you can see. Make every effort to balance your life.

Remember, if you value your life and want to be an achiever, then be more aware of this precious commodity – TIME.

Only you can set the timetable, for your success. Your knowledge on time and its wise usage, is writing the story of your life. How do you want it read?


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