Author Marketing Tips to Sell Books


When you first get a book published it can feel like you are just starting to work on your book with the amount of marketing many authors now have to do.  Even if you have had a book for many years, there are a number of ways you can jump-start sales and get your book out there.

Author Marketing Tips:

1. Get a flier in a conference folder

We recommend in our Author Platform article to put together a one sheet on your book.  You can also put together a few articles and approach conferences who appeal to your demographic.  Many conferences will include helpful articles in exchange for your endorsement or posting on your website and this is a great way to make more book sales and market your author platform.

2. Throw a book launch party

If your publisher does not throw you a book launch party, you should absolutely throw yourself one! Have a signing, food and invite local media and producers to attend.

3. Do free speaking events

It always helps to do free events.  You can host them at your home, I did some at local libraries.  You can often approach non-profits to host an event or a church or temple.

4. Talk to your librarian

Librarians will not only help you find other books similar to yours (contact those authors, see our post on How Authors Can Sell More Books) and are a great person to recommend your book.  If they know you they will recommend you to local organizations looking for speakers, potential readers and even speakers!

Be sure to check out our other free tips on marketing and selling your book: How to Make Money Selling Books and Build Your Online Author Platform.  We offer packages for authors to get started on building their online and offline platforms.  Learn how to make money selling books in our unique author packages!


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