Picking a College Major

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Choosing a college major is probably one of the biggest decisions of a student’s academic life. This decision is so important because a college major can affect many things such as the college a student attends and the jobs that they get once the graduate. The decision is very important and should not be made without some serious research and soul searching.

When first looking at majors a student should ask themselves what high school subjects they most enjoy, what assignments interest them, and what is difficult to others, but comes easily to them? These questions will help a student determine what subjects they are interested in studying and what their academic strengths are. It is important to have a balance between these two aspects because a person can be passionate about a job, but be really horrible at it.

Once the student has decided that they are interested in and what they are good at, then they need to ask themselves what they want to do. This may seem like a very open ended question, but keep in mind the answers to the previous question and the answer might be more obvious than expected.

Once a student has decided what direction they want to go in and what they want to do for a career, then they should start looking at majors that relate to that job. One website that is so helpful when it comes to this step is www.collegeboard.com. They have a great feature in which students can compare college majors and look at careers that are related to each major. The site can be a really helpful tool for answering this important question.

Once a student has found a major that fits all of these aspects, then they are ready to start searching for a college that has the major they are interested in. Just remember that most colleges don’t require for a student to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year, so it shouldn’t be a decision that is rushed. Students should take advantage of this and use the first two years of college to take general course that can help them decide that classes they are interested in and where they want to concentrate their studies.

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