Narculture 101: Teen Pot Smoking Etiquette

I was recently at the Ypulse conference listening to a case study on Mexican Youth where they talked about a Facebook application all about Narculture.  Users could take quizzes to find out about which drug kingpin they would be, what they would name their cartel and more.

It got me thinking about the American youth Narculture.  What is the social culture rules  behind pot?  We held a private forum on our teen network about the rules of youth narculture.  Here are the rules they listed:

1) Don’t be the sober one, in a group of stoners.

2) Having a cool piece, bong, pipe is an expression of you.

3) “Sharing is caring.” “Puff, Puff, Give” “Spread the Grass love.”

4) Pot is a social unifier. If you smoke pot, it doesn’t matter what clique you are in (at least while you are smoking).

5) Ass, gas or grass, nobody rides for free.

6) Do not be wasteful (never throw away a roach with a few hits left). A roach is a joint that is so smoked to the base, you can barely hold it.

The good news is, pot seems to be pushing the cafeteria towards being one table.  The bad news is, it is smoking is becoming the norm.

I challenge you to ask your kids what they have heard/seen/know about the pot culture.  Even if they do not smoke, it is important to open the dialogue about this subject and hear what is going on in your community and what they think about it.

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