New York City Time Square Bombing Scare

Melissa Harnanan is a 16 year old from Valley Stream, New York. She is looking forward to volunteering at her local hospital and reading new novels during the summer.

Many consider New York City the heart of The United States of America. People from all around the world gather here for the annual ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, fashion shows at Bryant Park, and just to visit one of the most fascinating and busiest cities in the world. As many people say, “New York is the city that never sleeps.” Being a New Yorker myself, I take pride in living here and the cultural relevance all around me.

While the horse carriage rides through Central Park, and relaxing on the Metropolitan Museum of Art steps are enjoyable, New York has had its share of hardships. Most recently, the Time Square Bombing Scare rattled many fears among New Yorkers. On May 1st 2010, a bomb was found in a parked car in the midst of Times Square, containing firecrackers, gasoline, and eight bags of a granular substance inside. According to Raymond W. Kelly, the Police Commissioner of New York City, if the bomb were to explode, it would have caused many casualties. After a thorough investigation, police arrested the prime suspect Faisal Shahzad two days later.

Living so close to New York, the Time Square Bombing really heightened fears among my friends and me. Our security was threatened and I am glad that police found the bomb when they did. New York should not suffer another tragedy like the September 11th attacks. I like to steer my mind clear of “What If” Questions, but I know many inquiring minds out there are thinking, “What If the bomb did explode?” Many lives would have been lost, and families would have suffered.

I hope that everyone involved in the Times Square Bombing Square is found and wish the best for New York. There is not a day when tourists are not present in New York City, and their security is just as important as the year round residents.

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